Iron Mountain Main Street Mission Statement

To enhance and promote the economic and social vitality of the Iron Mountain central business district by cultivating a unique and quality atmosphere that attracts and retains business, shoppers and residents while maintaining our historic character utilizing the Main Street four point approach of Organization, Business Development, Design and Promotion.

Iron Mountain Main Street Vision Statement
In 2025, the Iron Mountain central business district stretching from the Chapin Pit in the north to the VA Hospital and Woodward Avenue in the south will be universally accessible, pedestrian friendly, and will provide a warm environment where all are welcome. Iron Mountain will be a regional center with many top quality festivals, celebrations, special events, retail promotions, and marketing activities which showcase the central business district to residents, tourists, and entrepreneurs alike. Its historic commercial buildings and facades have been repaired and fully utilized, and are sustainable in 2025. Appropriate infill development has occurred, creating a vibrant streetscape full of commercial activity. The Iron Mountain central business district has well maintained amenities and decorative fixtures that have been extended to take in the entire downtown district. Public gathering places have been completed and boast child-friendly and cultural amenities.
In 2025, the Iron Mountain central business district has a diverse retail business base with more specialty shops, service businesses, restaurants, and out door cafés, many of them destination businesses, attracting people from all walks of life. Retail businesses are prosperous, have consistent store hours, and are open seven days a week. Most upper floors of the Iron Mountain central business district commercial buildings are being used as residential or office space. Economic development in the Iron Mountain business district is spurred by a new convention center/ trade show facility, a revitalized Braumart Center for the Arts and National Register historic district.
In 2025, the Iron Mountain central business district has an award-winning, accredited Main Street program that serves as a model for other communities. This program is stably funded, fully staffed and boasts a diverse and active compliment of volunteers. The community has worked cooperatively and collaboratively in achieving this new vision for the central business district of Iron Mountain and the surrounding area.



»V.A. Farmers Market
»Farmers & Artisans Market - extended hours
»Harvest on Hughitt
»Farmers & Artisans Market
»Farmers & Artisans Market
»Farmers & Artisans Market
»Girls Night Out
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